Vol 2 No 01 (2018) | eucen conference Bergen and Autumn Seminar 2018

Published  2018-12-21

Type: eJournal
Category: Conferences

Tags: eLearning | Equity | Management | Pedagogy | VPL

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Citation: Timo HALTTUNEN, Vesa HAUTALA, Enkeleint-Aggelos MECHILI, Marjaana MÄKELÄ, Mauro PALUMBO, Emanuela PROIETTI, Juan M ROSAS, José Manuel CASTRO, Carme ROYO, Piia SILVENNOINEN, Francesca URAS, Zuzanna WOJCIECHOWSKA, Eva CENDON, Sandrine CORTESSIS, Saskia WEBER GUISAN, Romana CRAMARENCO, Vincențiu VEREȘ, Roberta PIAZZA, Filippo GRAVAGNO, Giusy PAPPALARDO, Angéla BAJZÁTH, Marie-Luise REGEL, Alexandra JÜRGENS, Aleksandar ZAFIROV, Klaus KREULICH, Sebastian GEBAUER, Karl STOFFEL, HE4u2 consortium, Éva SZEDERKÉNYI, Balázs NÉMETH (Ed.) (2018): eucen Studies. eJournal of University Lifelong Learning. eucen Conference and Autumn Seminar 2018. Vol 2, No 1. https://doi.org/10.53807/0201c22g © eucen Electronic Press, 2018. ISSN 2616-6674.


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Table of Contents

PART 1: Bergen Conference “Times of transition – the role of university lifelong learning” | 06-08 June 2018

Professional Transitions:

Personal Transitions:

Digital Transitions:

PART 2: eucen 2018 Autumn Seminar “Embracing Cultural Diversity
in university lifelong learning
” | 15-16 November 2018

* This article is a summary of the work completed by the HE4u2 project. The individuals from the HE4u2 consortium who have worked in this project are (in alphabetical order): José Pedro AMORIM, Amandine BERNAL, Sofia CASTANHEIRA PAIS, Françoise DE VIRON, Josephine FINN, Camilla FITZSIMONS, Bernie GRUMMELL, Timo HALTTUNEN, Beate HÖRR, Amelia LOPES, Kia LUNDQVIST, Isabel MENEZES, Tiago NEVES, Agnes RASCHAUER, Katharina RESCH, Carme ROYO, Alfredo SOEIRO, Iris THIMM, Francesca URAS, Leena VANHAKYLA, Georgios ZARIFIS.

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