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About the eucen eJournal

The eucen eJournal is produced since 2017 by eucen and published biannually.

The eucen eJournal is an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral journal that takes the nature of practices of university lifelong learning (ULLL) as its central focus.

The eucen eJournal is an international practice-based and practice-led journal. Hence, we provide a forum for the development of theory, the addressing of policy questions and the dissemination of innovative practice in the field university lifelong learning.

We cover areas of scholarly interest such as: Management and Quality; Pedagogical Development; RPL, validation and accreditation; E-Learning; Equity, Social Cohesion and Active Citizenship. The primary aim is to advance knowledge about and within the practices of learning, teaching, and professional development in the context of higher education. By doing so, we connect the magic triangle of policies, practices and research on university lifelong learning with each other.

Following this, we encourage innovative, provocative and creative contributions from our readers. The eucen eJournal publishes the following kinds of paper:

  • Research papers drawing on theoretical debates or empirical research, contextualized within current national and international policy debate, which develop the theoretical base of the field or report on significant research done;
  • Innovative Practice/Short papers including critical evaluations to share and discuss specific projects or practical approaches that either are in progress or have been completed;
  • Discussion papers presenting informed opinion and reflection on current research and policy developments on university lifelong learning.
  • reviews of important new publications in the field
  • reports from the association


Only papers that have been reviewed and approved by the eucen eJournal Editorial Board will be published. The revision is done in two possible ways: research papers by two external reviewers (double-blind review), innovative practices and short papers by one member of the editorial board. The eJournal is published biannually.

Editorial Board
Eva CENDON, FernUniversität in Hagen (DE)
Timo HALTTUNEN, University of Turku (FI)
Eric AGBESSI, Clermont Auvergne University (FR)

Design, layout and coordination
Carme Royo, Executive Director of eucen