Vol 3 No 01 (2019) | eucen conference Aveiro and Autumn activities 2019

Published  2019-12-20

Type: eJournal
Category: Conferences

Tags: eLearning | Equity | Management | Pedagogy | VPL

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Citation: Lehti PILT, Aire SEENE, Tiina RISTOLAINEN, Kaire KESKÜLA, Tuuli RASSO, Carme ROYO, Julie-Ann SIME, Chryssa THEMELIS, Miguel Angel SICILIA, Fernando COSTA, Maria Teresa FERREIRA, Joao Tomé CALADO, Maria Clara MAGALHÄES, Mauro PALUMBO, Emanuela PROIETTI, Francesca URAS, Natassa KAZANTZIDOU, Francesca ALLIEVI, Minna JUNTTILA, Karoliina VÄISÄNEN, Minna-Maaria Hiekka TAIPALE, Kelly McKENNA, Heike RUNDNAGEL, Nico STURM, Lucila SANTOS, Aleksandra PANEK, Luísa DORNELLAS, Helder TOUÇAS, Daniel OLIVEIRA, Vanessa VERÍSSIMO, Fausta SCARDIGNO, Mattia FAVARETTO, Alfredo SOEIRO (Ed.) (2019): eucen Studies. eJournal of University Lifelong Learning. eucen Conference and Autumn activities 2019. Vol 3, No 1, 2nd edition. https://doi.org/10.53807/0301whb6 © eucen Electronic Press, 2019. ISSN 2616-6674. Second edition.


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PART 1: Aveiro Conference “University Lifelong Learning to live a better life – Continuing Education for Sustainable Quality of Life in Europe” | 05-07 June 2019

Wellbeing in a Digital Age:

Enabling Livelihoods:

Active Citizenship and Human Engagement:

PART 2: VINCE Final Symposium “Validation for inclusion of New Citizens of Europe” | 14 November 2019

PART 3: eucen 2019 Autumn Seminar “Learning for Entrepreneurship: A Global Citizen Perspective” | 14-15 November 2019

Link to other resources presented during the eucen conference in Aveiro.

Link to the VINCE Final Symposium.

Link to other resources presented during the eucen 2019 Autumn Seminar.