Policy Talks


The eucen Policy Talks is an annual event dedicated to EU Policy makers and European LLL stakeholders. The objective is to improve eucen visibility on the European scene and foster active collaboration between European stakeholders and LLL universities.

  • eucen Policy Talks | 19 September 2022
    Responsive Universities for Lifelong Learning: Making Flexible Learning a reality to sustain current needs in Europe and beyond | Equity, Management, Pedagogy, Quality, HE-VET

  • eucen Policy Talks | 07 September 2021
    Messages and consequences of recent trends in ULLL across Europe to Policy Makers | Equity, Management, Pedagogy, Quality, HE-VET

With the panelists in the round table:

    • Chiara RIONDINO, DG EMPL E3
    • Katarina POPOVIC, Secretary General ICAE
    • Alicia-Leonor SAULI-MIKLAVCIC, Vice President EURASHE
    • Seamus O’TUAMA, Director ASEM LLL HUB

  • eucen Policy Talks | 09 September 2020
    Roles and Responsibilities of HEIs in Lifelong Learning – policies and practice | Equity, Management, Pedagogy, Quality, HE-VET

Event organised with the collaboration of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)CESE_FR-EN-logo_narrow